Project Details

  • Client: Residential
  • Service: Rendering


A private customer approached MCQ to provide StoRend Cote render with a Lotusan finish to his house. The house was built in the 1960s and was partially wood panelled and roughcast. Since then the property had been extended and new elevations were added with blockwork.

We provided a complete service, supplying scaffolding, power, water and labour. The project lasted for two weeks during which time we rendered 400m2 of outer surfaces.

  • Applied a STOREND cote system with a lotusan finish.
  • Machine applied
  • 400m2 in 2 weeks
  • Client new what he wanted and needed an STO approved contractor to carry out the work.
  • The house was built in the 1960s some elevations were roughcast with wooden paneling and they had built new elevations in block work to increase living space. We supplied scaffold material, power, water and labour the client didn’t have to do a thing.

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